Booty had me like…… 
@damn_wess #mcm #inLovewithmyNephewAlert
stuck between idk & idc. #7days
Shoulda posted this earlier :( big I just found it Wahh, happy birthday again Mumpkin 🌼 (at Las Olas Blvd and A1A Beach)
As in life, chill for the best results.  (at Las Olas Beach)
Larger than life. Be happy man. 
#11daysBirthdayGirl 💘🙈 (at Tigertail Industrial Park)
Let’s not forget this happened.
When you treat people how they treat you, and they’re mad 😂💺
I gave a sh💩t once, and it was terrible. #fbf  (at Florida State Capitol)
I gave a f💩ck once, it was terrible. #fbf  (at Florida State Capitol)
comme ci comme ca
Having fun? 
#countdownIsReal #19days
Lol, I actually look tall here 🌴 
#20daysTilBaby21st  (at Tigertail Industrial Park)
💤💘 #TheBestThingEVER
I am mine, before I am ever anyone else’s